Rumah Klasik - Story Behind Rumah Klasik

rumah klasik's story

A home is not just a house, but also your status symbol. Established in 1997, Rumah Klasik builds elegant and classic houses. With Roman classic style, your life standard will increase to a higher level.

Rumah Klasik is an architecture consultant and contractor from Indonesia. Established in 1997, Rumah Klasik delivers luxurious accommodations on vintage designs. With its trademark concept inspired on Greek and Roman style.

As a contractor with classic speciality, we commit to grant your dream house not only exquisite but also comfortable to live in. With every new development, Classic Concepts refines the art of home building. Beautiful colours, inviting textures, fine materials and attractive landscaping are standard features of every project.

With a select team of experienced architects and interior designers, under the leadership of Rumah Klasik, together we created a masterpiece building. Providing you with remarkable skills in classical design and interior we believe to be the best partner to build your timeless classic dream house. Because your satisfaction is our first priority.



Since the founding of Rumah Klasik in 1997, we believe that nothing is impossible in Rumah Klasik as long as we work hard in everything we do. Our portfolio from our projects is what makes us believe in that. However, we are not easily satisfied, we always increase out work ethics every year to make our customers satisfied.

In Rumah Klasik, we have a very high expectations in ourselves. We learn from luxury house contractor from around the world, we study their success and their failure, we also never forget to fix our internal system. We are known because of our own efforts. We always give our customers what they want on time.

Rumah Klasik also ensures that all of our employees enjoy working in Rumah Klasik, and we make Rumah Klasik grow bigger together. We always motivate our employees to develop their own potential and skills while working in Rumah Klasik. We also never forget to tell our contractors to prioritize their safety while working on site. We are also very grateful to our customers, ebcause the trust they give what makes us what we are today.
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Director of Rumah Klasik, Masjudi


Being a worldwide-known Architectural Consultant and Contactor that are specialized in making classical houses with high investment value.


  1. Always maintain and designed houses with Classical Roman architecture rules.
  2. We always put forward newest lifestyle in every design and always do an updated research about the materials.
  3. Following the latest marketing by using the newest digital marketing technology.


Our Houses Are Timeless House Design

Our Houses Are Timeless

We are specialize in classical house, we are the only Classical Roman house architecture consultant and contractor in Indonesia.

High Investment Value House Design

High Investment Value

Every house we made has a high-investment value in its class, we also made the houses relatively fast.

High Artistic Value House Design

High Artistic Value

Our creations have a luxurious design with a touch of Classical Roman style that has a high artistic value in its class.