Rumah Klasik - Interior 101: Workspace

To work comfortably we need a comfortable and easy-to-use workspace. Workspaces need an appropriate atmosphere, because in the room, users need to concentrate as much as possible. All kind of things that interfere or disturb should be removed.

Paint Colors That Should Be Selected for Workspace

Color that is recommended for the workspace are calming colors, such as pastel colors. Bright colors will provide a relaxing effect at a working atmosphere. Application for dark color paint tends to make the workers get tired quickly because dark paint causes unnecessary brain activity. Shelves against the wall will also help work productivity because it helps you to organize things such as documents. Installation of excessive details such as pictures or chandeliers would create distraction. To avoid dullness, you can apply blurred wallpaper or a silhouette.

Floor Choices for Workspace

The classic choice, of course, is wooden floors. The aim is to give a touch of classic feel without being excessive and also disturb workers’ concentration. Tiles are also a good choice because bright colors create comfort and give the impression of a more spacious room. To adorn more, you can put a carpet in the middle of the room to make you able to reach things around the room faster. To find an office design that suits you, start with a simple but efficient design. If you need to add more furniture, just consider adding only few elements, don’t add something that will reduce your productivity.