Rumah Klasik - Wood Table: The Right Furniture for Your Home

Choosing the best wood material for a table can be very troublesome. There are abundant choices of wood materials that can be suited to the needs of your desk. You just need to know what kind of wood that’s suitable for dining tables, work tables, guest tables, etc.

Finding for the best type of wood that suits your specific needs require some consideration. The quality of the table depend on its appearance, grain, hardness of the wood, the environment where the table is placed, and various other factors.

Dining table

The ideal dining table must be strong, well designed, and adequate for family meals. The best dining tables are generally made from selected wood such as oak, teak, mahogany, and walnut. You might also want to consider using plywood and MDF, although they are not as strong as other woods with a denser texture.

Choosing a table needs some consideration on the shape and color as well. Make your choice on basic colors such as black or gold because these colors are considered as classic colors that will not be outdated.


Choosing the type of wood for your desk depends on the type of work you do, because each type of wood has its own uniqueness that will affect your overall decision.

Another consideration in choosing a desk is the level of humidity in your environment. If you choose the type of wood that regularly expands and contracts depending on the season, the table will be easily rot. 

Choosing the Best Wood for Your Home Desk

Most types of wood mentioned above, can also be used to build as  tables. Simply adjust to the usability of the table, the time of its use, and where to put it.

For long-term use, choose maple or oak wood, and use basic colors such as black or gold because they won't be outdated.

For tables that are placed in humid places, plywood is a good option because its texture remains unchanged from season to season, so it does not rot due to the water content in the air.