Rumah Klasik - Implying Red on Interior Design

Usually, many people addressed red as the color that represents Valentine’s Day, a romantic thing. However, red color is also identified as a bold attractive color, and a color that brings luck. It’s not uncommon that many extroverts wear red suits when they attend a business meeting; this color was chosen in order to attract attention and to show power. In terms of interior design, there are few implications of red and how to apply it:

For a more comfortable room, you can use red paint for the walls and create a more intimate atmosphere. If you don't want to get a color that’s too bold, you can combine red with taupe or gold.

Red is rarely used in large areas such as bedrooms, because red is a color that gives too much stimulation. But red is suitable for accentuating and creating a romantic and luxurious feel. Thus, instead of putting it on the wall, try to choose a red-colored bed linen as an interior accessories to create a romantic impression.

Red can also be a good color to create a focal point. For example, red wall around the fireplace will give a warm comfortable feeling, even if the fireplace is not lit. Also, red wall at the entrance of the house can also deliver luxurious impression.

You may not want to be so dramatic in your home, but red can be a great color for focal points or features. A red wall around a fireplace immediately hints of cosy warmth, even if it is not lit. A red wall in the entry of your home suggests bold opulence. One area that red has probably not been thought of for is the dressing room, a private space in your home, red flatters the skin and you will look your best while you are putting on your makeup and getting dressed.

In conclusion, red is a vivid and strong color, it will be an extraordinary one for your interior. Red color is also a positive color that is used by shops and restaurants, because of its psychological effect. Many believes red could attract people’s attention. Also, the use of red color in the sports and gym areas will create a positive, brave, and uplifting feeling.

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