Rumah Klasik - About EMF Pollution

EMF or Electromotive Force is the pressure of electricity that is generated from electrical energy sources, such as batteries or generators. Excessive EMF can be dangerous, but don't worry because there are several solutions to overcome it, such as don't put your cellphone close to your body while sleeping. The effects of EMF will not be immediately felt, because it’s cumulative. Many scientific studies have stated the high danger of EMF, but its effects on the body will indeed be felt after a few years later.

But, the good news is that you can overcome it by reducing the exposure to EMF that is too high by doing the following methods:

1. The EMF fields weaken with distance from the source, so, for example, if you have a choice of where to locate your home office, choose to have it as far from your bedroom as possible.

2. Reduce the use of electrical equipment close to your bed, as well as close the areas where you spend a lot of time. Ask yourself: Do I really need to have the wireless on all the time? Do I really need to have the cell phone close to me when I am sleeping? Re-route the cell calls to your home phone and turn off the wireless when not needed.


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