Rumah Klasik - Creating a Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms do have a bad reputation in feng shui, this is a fact. You can change this reputation, though, with just bit of mindful effort. Apply easy feng shui tips and stop worrying about bad feng shui in your bathroom.

Basically according to feng shui, the bathroom is a place that is bad for energy circulation. But the bathroom has an important role in feng shui that works as an addition to bedroom and kitchen. 

Putting parallel position between  bathroom door and the door of the house  is a bad feng shui. Put it based on the two basic feng shui to create good energy. Main door plays an important role according to feng shui. Avoid installing bathroom in the middle of the house, as the middle position is the "heart" where the yin & yang energy meet. To undertands more, here are some tips, and what you should avoid when applying feng shui.

Bathroom Position

Put the bathroom in an area known as feng shui as the "love and marriage" area. This position will strengthen the feng shui element.

Feng Shui  of Bathroom above the Bedroom

A bathroom located above the bedroom is not the best feng shui set-up. An important factor to consider in looking for feng shui cures, in this case, is how busy the upstairs bathroom will be.

Bathroom Door Facing to the Kitchen

Having the kitchen and the bathroom doors face each other is very bad feng shui, indeed. One does not need to know much about feng shui to intuitively understand that this is not a good set-up for a healthy home.

A Bathroom (Water element) in A Metal Feng Shui Element Area

A bathroom in the West or Northwest bagua areas is not bad, or worse feng shui, than a bathroom in any other feng shui bagua area of the house. Bathrooms do have a predominant Water feng shui element energy that can weaken the Metal feng shui element.

The Bathroom is Aligned to Your Bed

If your bathroom door is directly facing your bed, it is important to create an invisible (or visible!) division between the bathroom and the bedroom. Here are a couple ways you can do that with good feng shui in mind.

Applying this method is challenging, but not a reason for you to not treat it properly. It is important to understand that the bathroom has "draining energy".

Although the bathroom has a bad reputation in feng shui, you can minimize it by applying good feng shui to neutralize the negative effects of the wrong bathroom position.


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