Rumah Klasik - Five Steps in Choosing the Right Rug Carpet

When decorating a home, there are many aspects that you must consider. One of them is choosing the right rug carpet. Before choosing the right rug carpet, first, you need to know the following things:

Get to Know Your Room

Do you have to decorate a large open area? Or is it a small, narrow space? Does the room have to be decorated to relax or is it a display for guests? Knowing the answers to these questions will help to determine the right rug carpet.

Choose the Right Color

If the room will be filled with furniture that you already have before, chances are that you would want to choose a rug with a warmer design. Choose a solid or neutral color.

Consider Carpet Material

Carpet with fur is interesting, but not practical, especially if you have small children at home. Silk has a luxurious texture and color but is not durable. Polyester is stronger and easier to clean and is available in a variety of choices, but the design is not very attractive.

Play with Textures

The texture of the carpet that is rough or smooth can affect the overall interior design aesthetic of the room. Carpet with a design inspired by Persian culture will make the room look richer and luxurious.

Decide to Use One or More Carpet Layers

Carpet application technique by stacking it will certainly be an additional work for you. But doing layering techniques will add comfort in a room.


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