Rumah Klasik - Benefits of Direct Sunlight at Home

The benefits of sufficient sunlight for the physical and mental are now undeniable. There are so many benefits from natural sunlight that we ignore. The question is no longer whether sunlight is healthy or not, but how to get as much natural sunlight as possible to feel the benefits of it. The following are the five benefits of natural sunlight in your home:

Increased Sustainability

Natural lighting is a magnificent benefit provided by nature. Anything that reduces the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity is a benefit to the environment. By increasing our home’s exposure to the sun with modern, thermal, energy efficient windows and doors, creates a healthier, happier, more comfortable and more sustainable home.

Natural Sunlight Is Healthy

Sunlight will reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms in the house. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant. Here are some of the benefits of sunlight:


Natural Light is Safe

Naturally lit homes or homes with good amounts of natural light provide a much truer sense of illumination. This light makes it easier to read and can help to prevent avoidable accidents.

Psychological benefits

A study performed by Loyola University found that people who work in sunlight have better short-term cognitive powers than those who work in the shadows. Other studies have shown that workers in sunlit areas are more productive than workers without exposure to natural light. Workers with natural sun miss fewer days than other workers. Your home may not be a workplace but it is probably a place that could benefit from energy, a positive attitude and productivity.


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