Rumah Klasik - Raw Materials to Create a Door

The existence of a door is a mandatory component in a building. Beside being elegant and supports the concept of home design, doors need to be durable, weather resistant, and secure. To know more about doors, here are some raw materials you can use in creating a door.


Wooden doors is a basic type of door that we often see in the interior of the house. Wood is very popular because it is durable and resistant to hot and cold weather. Wood material door is very aesthetically flexible, as it can be installed on the front door, bedroom door, even the bathroom door.


In Indonesia, steel doors are rarely used as home interiors, Evenhough this material is agile enough to be used for both interior and exterior. Steel doors require good finishing because they are very resistant to weather. In terms of prices, steel door is more expensive than wooden door.


If you have a limited budget, fiberglass doors can be an alternative. Fiberglass  doors have long durability and have a lot of attractive designs that is adjustable to the concepts of the house. Fiberglass doors are also able in wooden motifs and works as a dupe of its beautiful design.


Glass doors are only used for interiors. Glass door is able to present a unique transparent effect in the room, and commonly placed in bathrooms, partitions, and sliding doors. Glassdoor works as well as windows. Glass door is also great for patio.


Vinyl / PVC doors used to be very commonly placed as bathroom doors because vinyl is waterproof. But nowadays, vinyl doors  exists in a lot of beautiful designs with very affordable prices.


Aluminum doors is widely used as a frame for glass doors and security doors that’s mounted on the outside space. With a very affordable price, aluminum doors can be obtained and attractively designed with paint finishing.

Hollow Metal

The main characteristic of metal hollow is  it’s heavier than aluminum, and often used as a material for security doors. Usually located on the outside, works  as a safety entrance. Hollow metal in Indonesia is known as the iron holo, a relatively durable material. We need to apply high-quality paint finishing because hollow metal can rust on the underside.