Rumah Klasik - Article 101: The Door

One important discovery in architecture is the existence of door. Door is here to create the impression of beauty while also provides security. To know more about doors, here are some types of doors that you need to know:

Traditional doors

Traditional doors are styles in such a way that you often find they have glass panel inserts, scrollwork and in some cases, colored panes. They often also have raising inserts which make them distinctive and quite beautiful.

Craftsmans doors

Usually of a wood of fiberglass construction,  these doors are characterised by a top window, which may have a single or multiple panes.

Modern doors

Contemporary styling dictates that these doors often have single long panes on a side of the frame or in the door, made of many different materials they are normally quite cleanly styled with straight lines.

Rustic doors

These doors are normally older, or at least styled to look older. They are thick and heavy, and normally crafted from wood or metal.

Arched doors

Are the most distinctive, and can exist throughout the other styles, with window panes, or large heavy double wooden doors with a wide archway for a spacious, open feel.  

How long does it take to install the door?

It depends on the level of difficulty in the installation, the size of the door, and the expertise of the lockser. However, on average, an installation of a simple wooden door with a size of 32 "x80" can be completed within 3-5 hours.


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