Rumah Klasik - Types of Architect Fee Calculations

Each architect has different methods to determine fees charged to clients. But fret not, here are some ways to calculate architect design services costs.

Based on Percentage of Construction

This is the most common way to use for building luxury homes with intricate and detailed designs. This system is also makes it possible for homeowners to change designs while the construction process is in progress. The service fee is calculated based on the total cost of construction until its completion.

Based on Building Size

This method counts the size of the building as its cost, for example, architect will charge you Rp. 30,000 per square meter for 200 square meters area. So the total cost to make the design of the building is Rp. 6,000,000.

Based on Fixed Costs

One method that is usually determined by the client. Because clients often worry about some fishy additional costs incurred. The fixed cost is agreed prior to starting the project, giving the client upfront costs to allow them to budget accurately.

Free Design Fee

Some architect provides free design promo, because they will substitute the cost with the cost of construction services.

Based on points above, now you have an overview knowledge on how to calculate architect services. And if you are currently looking for your dream home design, here are some things that need to be considered.

Choosing an Architect According to Your Need

To build a residential house, then use a home architecture service. Remember, not all architects able to handle residential projects. Find out what they have done, or are currently doing. But remember, some architect do only limited amount of ongoing project in order to maximize his craft.

Choosing an Architect Based on Your Budget

As specified above, each costing method determines their service fee. The architect's fee also depends on their reputation, experience, and your needs. Thus, you can meet in person and communicate what’s your desire before asking for a contract.

Easy to Contact

Choose an easily contacted design service in order to create a robust two-way consultation and discussion. This kind of relationships are very important for architects. A good architect will communicate all the processes in determining the design from the beginning to the end.

Look Out for Testimonials and References

You can look for good home reference that suit your needs on an architecture magazine, website, or doing a city tour. Also, one of the easiest way is to directly look for recommendations and testimonials by word of mouth, ask for opinions from previous clients, consultants, or contractors. Please note that a good home architects  are able to improve the function, appearance, and sustainability of buildings. Plus, they do it with cost and time efficiency.