Rumah Klasik - Things to Note Before Choosing an Architect

Architectural design service is one of several part that must be considered when someone intends to build a house. Architects will assist you from designing the house, choosing materials, to estimating the exact cost of construction. But to avoid disappointment, you should carefully appoint an architect.  These are some things you need to know before hiring an architect.

Architect Fares

Architect rates are usually distinguished by building area, building types, consultation hours, and percentage of construction costs. You can contact the architect association to find out the standardized prices, as there are mutually agreed  rates by architects in the organization.

Architect Association

Look for services from architects whom incorporated in official associations to get more transparent fare. The association will also give you solutions in case problems happen.


Before starting the construction, your architect is going to provide a design proposal for you. You can give revisions, or input for things that need to be changed. And if you change your mind, you as a client, can still revise the proposal to your appointed architect even if it’s agreed beforehand.

Employment contract

After the architect’s design proposal is approved, your next step is to approve the employment contract. The agreement will regulate architect fees, as well as rights and obligations of each party. Usually the contract is provided by your architect. Pay close attention to each point stated on the contract.

Contact the Contractor

Through their business network, these architects are going look out for a contractor to build your home. However, you also find one by yourself. If the contractor is sought by an architect, ask for the contractor's data to see their track record and list of projects they have been working on. You can also negotiate the cost to your architect, because usually they will give cheaper fare in package.

During Development

Never stand still while waiting for the home construction to finish. You need to see its development process regularly. Supervising will ensure the development process runs smoothly. Talk to the construction workers. Not only you might be able to find out the process of building a house, you can also avoid price mark-ups by asking them about material prices and other datas.

Retention period

A good architect and contractor provide a retention period after the construction process is finished. The retention period is similar to the warranty of an electronic gadget, and usually given for three months. The warranty covers leaky roofs, broken hinges, broken buttons, rocking fences, and other related matters. Ask about this before signing employment contract to your architect.