Rumah Klasik - Types of Classical Houses from Around the Globe

Architectural trends of residential homes continue to experience development. Each design has its own characteristics and uniqueness. In fact, every country also has distinct home decorating trends. Of the many existing designs, classic house design is still dominating because its timelessness. But, several group of classic house designs are remain unknown to many people. The following are some examples of classic style home designs from various countries:

Classic Indian-Style House

Most classic houses generally have soft and plain colors, classic Indian-style houses emphasize bright colors with playful motifs. The design has a concept that accentuates Indian-style luxury and elegance. Classic houses in India on average are decorated with a variety of luxury trinkets including gold thread, crystals, and jars. It was because India is a region with a tropical climate, the classic houses there add breeze to their houses by installing high ceilings. Another distinctive feature of a classic Indian style house is that it uses more ventilation than a window.

Classic Colonial American-Style House

American luxury mansions generally uses wood as furniture and applies it in almost all rooms. The interior of the house accentuates formal impression as it uses fine wood such as cherries, walnuts, and mahogany as furniture materials. Usually the classic house is also decorated with various fabrics such as velvet, rug, or brocade. As for lighting and fixtures, this house uses brass and iron materials.

Classic French-Style House

A classic French-style house are identical with elegant decoration and luxurious decoration in every room. The furniture in the house is usually in the form of antiquities that lasts since the French empire. In addition, there are also flower decorations in every room. Almost the same as western European style houses, classic French style house is adorned with quite a lot of windows. Usually there are about six windows mounted on the side wall of the house. While two other are made in big size and plaed in front of the house.

Classic Moroccan-Style House

A distinctive feature of the interior of a classic Moroccan home is the dominance of typical Middle East color, such as reddish orange, gold, green and blue accents, yellow silver, and light brown which provides a tropical atmosphere in the room. Usually a one-storey Moroccan houses are equipped with exotic plants, textured walls, and terracotta tiles; that give a different atmosphere. In addition, the classic Moroccan house also uses wrought iron and wood materials as furniture to adorn the interior.

Classic Japanese-Style House

Japanese-style house has its own uniqueness compared to classic homes in general. This classic style is suitable for small houses. Material-used is dominated with bamboo and wood. Japanese classic home design usually has a number of important elements that must be included as interior elements. One of a few elements is a sliding glass door or large glass to provide views and ventilation from outside the room. The presence of sliding doors allows the interior and exterior of the house to fuse towards one another. These characteristics are also applied to modern minimalist home architecture and Zen interior design. The use of only essential furniture makes the residential space does not seem cluttered and cramped. Furthermore, the cost of a minimalist home architecture with a classic Japanese touch is also not as great as other classic style houses.

Classic Russian-Style House

The nuances of architectural grandeur of the past are clearly seen in this type of classic house which is assimilated through the design of apartments and luxury homes of the past. This can be seen from the combination of luxury accessories, antiques, and artwork. But nowadays, modern interior accessories have also been used in the classic Russian house.

Classic Spanish-Houses Mediterranean Style

Characteristics of a classic Spanish home interior is the use of a colorful and vibrant Mediterranean style, such as a bright terrace with an old-fashioned family feel. To beautify the interior, you can add colorful posters or wall hangings.

Classic Chinese-Style House

The interior of a classic Chinese house is very much influenced by its cultural history since thousands of years ago. Chinese style  is quite similar to Japanese and Zen interiors. Chinese classical houses are filled with interiors using glossy bold colors such as gold accent, black or red. Meanwhile, Chinese classical home decorations use clean straight lines that are similar to Japanese interior, and are also equipped with bamboo ornaments.

Classic Italian-Style House

Classic houses in Italy is basically influenced by the industrial interior style. Italian architect and homeowners like to integrate industrial materials such as wood, metal, leather, and silk; and then process them into unique works. Later, it results in a form of furniture and accessories that seems rough but have a smooth finish.

Classical Greek-Style House

Classic houses in Greece use of  mortar cement on the walls of the house. At the time of renovation, the surface of the wall will be covered with a mixture of cement which creates a sculpture-look impression through emphasizing a simple concept.

Classic German-Style House

The design of the classic German house is composed in the form of relaxed casual style, as they usually use daybed and cocktail chair as its interior. Materials used for the accessories are usually red-colored, such as: gemstones, brass, gold, and velvet patterns which create soft and luxurious feel. To add some bite, the interior is also decorated with conventional folding curtains.

Classic American-Style House

The classic American-style is characterized with brick walls that are arranged neatly and in order. This classic home model usually accentuates by the distinctive color of the stones. In addition, another characteristic of the classic American-style house is the use of symmetrical shapes. Although the design is simple, the interior of the classic house still looks elegant and luxurious.

Classic Dutch-Style House

The classic Dutch-style house has the characteristic of having many windows. The choice of color in the house tends to use bright with neutral colors, both on the exterior and interior.

Classic European-Style House

The classic European-style house is one of the best house designs that is always in demand and has a dark nuance. But because of this, the residents can feel the warmth inside the classic house. The concept of a classic European-style house mainly uses natural stone adornment as interior decoration to bring a familiar and warm feeling to its residents. This classic house also uses tall pillars. Nowadays, many houses in Indonesia carry this classic European-style architecture as home design.