Rumah Klasik - Special Characteristics of a Classic Luxury Home Design

Every room design should be adjusted to the architectural design of the building. Nowadays, there are abundant amount of architectural designs, but one of the most desirable one  for a luxury house is currently the classic style. In creating a classic style house, there are several characteristics that differentiate them from one another. 

Here are several characteristic of a classic luxury house designs:

Dominated by Luxury Style

There are several things that needs to be considered when choosing the classic-themed design such as: choosing the color of the room, its furniture, and other supporting ornaments. Because these elements are important to deliver strong classical impression in the room. For example, a classic style living room is usually equipped with large paintings. The walls are also coated with golden or brown wallpaper. Apart from wallpaper, marble or natural stones could be a good alternative to beautify the walls.

Uses Lots of Wood

The interior of the classic style is dominated by solid wood carvings. Moreover, materials used for wardrobe and furniture are also dominated by solid wood. As a result, making a classic-style interior tends to be more expensive but has better life spans. For flooring choices, classic-style interiors uses a lot of materials that was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans.


Almost all classical house design  has this lighting item. This lamp delivers the impression of luxury and elegance. Chandeliers can be placed in the middle of the living room or family room to provide a magnificent atmosphere of timelessness. But, the choice of chandeliers does depend on the size, and preference of the homeowner. And you  do not always have to use expensive crystal materials.

Large Entrance

Other than the large chandeliers mounted on the ceiling of the house, classic houses also commonly use large doors to reinforce the impression of luxury house design. Both arched and geometric-shaped doors will look luxurious when made in large sizes.

Antique Furniture

One characteristic that always appears in classical interiors is antique furniture or decoration. Antique furniture gives a historical touch in the room and gives the impression of a charming past. But the classic furniture that is used should not be too much, so it does not seem old-fashioned.

Large Size Pillars

Classic houses usually has large poles that works as a supporting frame of the house, both inside and outside, such as the terrace. Large poles usually accompanied by carvings or unique ornaments  that can deliver the impression of a classic style. The front roof is sometimes also given a small dome to adorn the classic design.

High Ceilings

To express its grandeur, an ideal height for ceilings in classic homes usually about four meters. Besides being magnificently big, high ceiling design will also give a more spacious and wide impression, so it somewhat cools down the house..

Thick Dangling Curtain 

Because most classic houses use long windows, the curtains used on the house are also large-sized. Usually the curtain is made dangling down to the floor and has thick materials such as brocade and velvet.

Big in Size

The architectural design of a classic style luxury home is identical to size that exceeds its function. Each room is made separately big and has a large size. For color choices, the classic style usually use sky blue, golden yellow, white, and beige.