Rumah Klasik - Types of Carpet to Adorn Your House

House interior is not merely about furniture such as chairs, tables, couches, beds, and other common furniture inside a house. But there are some complementary elements that would add some aesthetic vibes to ‘touch up’ your house interiors. Carpet is one of the complementary elements for your floor. Carpets are commonly found in various home interiors, ranging from modern minimalist up to classic home designs. Carpets able to protect the surface of the floor and make the feet of the residents feel warmer and more comfortable during activities on it. Furthermore, carpets can also embellish and emphasize the beauty of the room.

There are various types of carpet, but nowadays, fur carpet is one of the most greatly demanded type. To know more about types of fur carpets, please follow explanations below.

Polypropylene Fur Carpet

This type of fur carpet is made of synthetic material and has a smooth fur texture. This carpet is very suitable for decoration in the dining room because it’s easily cleaned using water. Moreover, this carpet is also thin so it can be moved easily at any time. The weakness of this carpet is the color easily faded, and the thread is also easily separated from its stitches so its attractiveness are decreasing after being used in long period of time.

Nylon Fur Carpet

The superiority of this fur carpet lies on its texture, which is very comfortable when stepped on. Also, its price is quite affordable. It is one of the reason why some of commercial spaces such as office buildings and restaurants use this carpet to cover the entire floor. If the carpet is damaged, it can be repaired at a low cost. And if there are stain on the carpet, it can be easily cleaned with water and soap.

Viscose Fur Carpet

For those of you who prioritize aesthetic value and beauty, viscose fur carpet is the right choice. This type of carpet is made of synthetic material with a texture similar to silk. In terms of the price, this carpet is certainly cheaper than real silk carpets. And it has abundant amount of colors and patterns, so you can adjust it to match the interior of the house.

Wool Fur Carpet

This type of fur carpet is  renowned because of its warmth and thick size. Its texture is also comfortable when stepped on, and it fits various architectural designs, including modern minimalist house design. And also, it has a long durability that last for years. To clean the carpet we can use a vacuum cleaner, or bring it to the laundry service every six months.

Loop Pile Fur Carpet

This carpet uses a combination of materials from: nylon, wool, and polypropylene. Loop pile carpet are currently in great demand because they can disguise footrests and are very suitable to be placed in spaces that are often used; for example, family rooms. But, this type of carpet is not suitable for those of you who have pets such as cats or dogs because their claws might caught and stuck in the carpet.

Saxony Fur Carpet

This carpet is made of long, warm knitting yarn. When compared with other types of fur carpet, this carpet has the softest texture. Its fur can be flattened easily so footprints can be covered to retain its beautiful looks. This carpet is suitable for a modern minimalist house design and could be placed in living room, bedroom, and dining room.