Rumah Klasik - Types of Bed for Classic Style Bedroom

Home interiors are certainly incomplete without high-quality furniture, be it sofas, kitchen sets, doors, including beds. In the bedroom, beds really determine the comfort of its homeowner while sleeping and resting. Thus, it’s important for us so to choose our bed carefully in order to get maximum rest and comfort. The following, are some bed types that can be used for bedrooms in your home:

Platform Bed or Stage Beds

This type of bed is often called a cabin bed. You can find this bed mostly in minimalist house, as it’s simple and casual. This bed has a simple box-shaped frame that’s cut in geometric pattern. The frame used is flexible, lightweight, and easy to move around.

The bed frame is also used as air ventilation to keep it free from mold and disturbing odors. The frame of the box is also quite sturdy and works as a replacement of spring mattress foundation. Several variants of the stage bed are also equipped with a drawer underneath.

Canopy Bed or Canopy Bed

As the name implies, this type of bed is equipped with a canopy or hood at the top, which is supported by four poles with a height of about 1.2 meters in each corner. Canopy beds are usually made of wood with many carved ornaments on the headboard, footboard, and poles. On its more contemporary design, this bed uses carved iron as its material.

This bed is also adorned with a fabric hood that extends downward and is made cross-linked between poles. The type of fabric used for the hood is usually silk or chiffon fabric. This bed design is perfect for a classic style home.

Four-Posters Bed

This bed looks like canopy bed, without its canopy. Each pole on this bed is usually made using high quality wood. Just like canopy bed, this bed is also suitable for luxurious classic style bedrooms.

Panel Beds or Frame Beds

Panel beds usually uses wood as its material material and has a similar shape to a stage bed. But generally, frame beds stood higher than stage beds. The headboard is also made higher and decorated with carved ornaments which acts as a focal point for the bed. Sometimes, this bed has a lower footboard than the headboard.

Sleigh Beds or Sled Beds

Sled beds are inspired by Greek and Roman styles. This type of bed was introduced around 19th century in America. The hallmark of the bed is its footboard and headboard are curved outward to resemble a snow sled. In addition, the headboard is adorn usually by leather and a heavy wooden frame. Currently, there are also sled beds using metal as their material.