Rumah Klasik - Chandeliers for One-Storey House

Lighting is one of several important elements to adorn the room. For classic designs enthusiast, of course, they are familiar with chandelier. This lamp can complement and beautify your one-story house, and making it look luxurious.

In Indonesia, Chandeliers are more popularly known as “lampu gantung” or hanging lamp. Chandeliers come in adjustably various shapes, sizes, and colors of the house. This lamp has experienced a long history from the beginning of its existence until now. In general, chandeliers are divided into several types, such as:

Crystal Chandelier

This type chandelier is able to provide a luxurious and dramatic effect in your one-storey house. Chandelier is very suitable to be placed in the middle of the ceiling of the dining room, or on the entrance. As the name implies, this chandelier mostly uses crystals mixed with gold, with transparent look.

Glass Chandelier

Chandelier with glass material is very suitable for homeowners who wants a luxurious lamp, but does not look excessive. This contemporary style decorative lamp will give a warm impression, and accentuates the modern side of the chandelier.

Beaded and Shell Chandelier

This chandelier has a shape that’s similar to a crystal chandelier but uses different materials, such as beads, shells, or even pearls to give its luxury feel.

Capiz Chandelier

This type of chandelier is usually applied to a more relaxed room, such as family room. Although it doesnt look as heavy as other types of chandeliers, it still requires a strong support pole to withstand the load of the lamp. Nowadays, Capiz chandeliers comes up with several unique shapes, which are mostly dominated by white.

Mission Chandelier

This chandelier is very suitable for interior with art deco style. Its main light comes from an inverted umbrella-shaped hood, decorated with a distinctive art deco pattern. Some Mission chandeliers carries four to six lamp holders with various shapes of covers.

Metal Chandelier

This type of chandelier uses material from metal, that’s made dangling and thin. Its lamp carrier usually comes in the form of curve or letter S with a geometric touch, to create a modern feel.

Antler Chandelier

This chandelier shaped just like a deer antler, which will create a unique appeal on your one-story house. But because deers are rare and protected, the use of this chandelier is also increasingly rare.

Candle Style Chandelier

This is the original form of a chandelier. In earlier times, this type of chandelier is usually equipped with 5 or more bowls that works as a lamp or candle holder. Currently, this chandelier still retains its original design but with customization that is adapted to today’s trends.

Chandelier Shades

At first glance, this chandelier looks almost the same as candle chandeliers, but every lamp in this chandelier is equipped with a hood that has a unique design.This makes the light emitted from it doesnt feel excessive compared to other chandelier.