Rumah Klasik - Comfortable Hotel-Like Room Settings

To be able to save money on home-building expenses, beside decreasing the cost of architects, you need to know several tips and tricks in arranging rooms to make it look comfortable and luxurious just like a hotel room.

One of the important thing is sheet or linen arrangement. As we know, sheets are easily wrinkled in an instant. In order to make a neat hotel-looking bed, consider to follow these tips.

Change Your Sheet Once a Week

After a week, your bed linen will be full of dust, sweat, and dirt. You will definitely feel less comfortable sleeping on it. For that, try to change your sheets once a week to keep the bed remains clean and comfortable.

Wash the Sheets with Starch

When washing the sheets, you should avoid using a washing machine or laundry service to prevent it from wrinkling. But, you can try to soak it with starch. To do it, dissolve one tablespoon of starch in three cups of water, then bring to a boil. Then, mix starch water with a bucket of clean water. Soak bed sheets that have been previously washed in starch water, and let stand for 20-30 minutes. Dry the clean sheets in the sun. These tips also applicable to your pillow and bolster.

Flip or Rotate the Mattress

Turning the mattress occasionally one every two to three weeks will prolong its life. After extensive usage, pocket sprung mattresses develop a harder surface as the individual coils start to sag because of years of body pressure, preventing the material from providing optimum support, plus it makes your sheet easy to wrinkle. Occasionally rotate your mattress makes the load support is balanced.

Putting Sheets Starting from the Middle

When doing the sheets, make sure that it’s lies evenly on the bed. Putting from the top or bottom of sheet may result a wrong end on the mattress, which you have to start over from the beginning.

Using Duvet

Duvet is a bed-sheet coat that often used as blankets, and also often referred as a bed cover. The surface of your mattress should not be completely covered by a duvet. Pull it until it exceeds the headboard, and then fold out. Make sure the head of the mattress consists only sheets, which is to put pillows at.

White Sheets

White sheets provide optimal comfort for the eyes during your rest time. Never sacrifice your comfort for low-priced sheets, opt it always in high-quality sheets. Choose 100% cotton sheets, or 'Supima', 'Pima', or 'Egyptian long-staple' sheets, which for sheets made with the best thread.

Arrange Your Blankets

Although rarely used, blankets can actually add comfort and style in the room. To accompany white sheet, choose a blanket with textures, patterns, and colors to avoid the feeling of monotony. Fold your blanket three times, or stretch it half closed to the mattress to create a stylish feel.