Rumah Klasik - Creative Ways to Adorn House with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors can be easy and a perfect way to make a space look bigger and brighter. Mirrors are not only do they look super refreshing in any space, but they also help to brighten and open up any room. For all these reasons, here are some tips and tricks that need to be considered when choosing a mirror.

Full Mirror Wall

With the right proportions, wide mirror that rises from the ceiling to the floor may steal people’s attention because of its grandeur. For home with a narrow living room, the use of a mirror is an appropriate alternative. Also, this mirror is applicable to bedrooms.

Mirror as Part of the Cabinet Panel

You can put a mirror in a large wardrobe to give a significantly wider impression in the bedroom. Not only that, the mirror can also reflect light from outside the room, so to create a brighter room.

Mirror as Kitchen Backsplash

Placing of a mirror in an unusual place will make the area look more attractive. For example, you can brighten a dark kitchen through the use of a backsplash mirror wall, as the reflection of the mirror will provide adequate lighting in the room.

Decorative Mirror on the Wall

To design a small house, the placement of several mirrors neatly on the wall can provide a modern minimalist effect. The key lies in choosing type, arrangement, size, and color of the mirror so that it does not disoriented.

Make Window Out of Mirrors

You can form mirrors to resemble a window by placing it face-to-face. This is to mimic the feature of the window through its reflection. Make it believable by adding wooden frame on it.

Mirror for Wood Furniture

The next creative way to place a mirror at home is to use it in a furniture. Not only able to make your space look bigger, mirror in a furniture will make it look elegant and classy.

Tips on Choosing the Right Mirror

For those of who intend to use a mirror as an element in home, here are some tips to consider:

The size of the mirror can be determined based on the concept of the house. For small houses, choose a medium to large mirror. But if you have a house that carries the concept of the Middle East or European style with high ceilings, you can install a medium-sized mirror to balance the walls.

The color of the frame can be adjusted to the walls of the room.You can use matching colors, or even black, metallic, and gold colors to give a natural look.

The style and shape of the mirror greatly influences the concept of the house. For homes with a vintage or classic style, choose an oval-shaped mirror with ornament or decoration on the frame. But if the house has a modern concept, choose a rectangular or circular mirror.

It's best not to place too many mirrors in one room. Too much mirror can eliminate the concept of the room itself. We recommend using a maximum of two mirrors, that’s hung face to face to provide aesthetic value.