Rumah Klasik - Single-Story Cozy Luxury Homes

Add Proper Lighting 

Put lighting appropriately. to beautify your home. As lighting is one of the most important aspects of your interior because, as well as illuminating a room, it can completely transform the look of a space for better or for worse. You can choose your favorable light colots according to your needs, but make sure that it combines with all the room elements. If you want to create a dramatic lighting impression, place it near a painting or a statue.

Three Room Rule

Having a one-story luxury home design with a wider size is certainly a dream for everyone. You can have a lot of room and yet you don't need to bother to climb stairs. On this three room rule, you can  whether make two small bedrooms, and one main bedroom that has a private bathroom in it, or you can make more space by creating only two bedrooms with one any additional rooms you needed. You can combine kitchen with the dining room, while the family room can be designed to be connected to the porch area.

Prioritizing on High-Quality Furniture

Express your unique sense of style with a high-quality furniture, and let your homes homes speak volumes about our personalities. And not only that, furniture serves many purposes and functions. So it’s important to choose only high quality one to make that each furniture support the design of the room and will last for years.

An Efficient One-Story House

No shortcuts in design were taken to try to produce inexpensive luxury house—due  you need to make sure a lot of things, such as the efficiency and a perfect balance between shared and private spaces, centrally located plumbing, and smart material choices that will not sacrifice its luxurious feel.

Elegance is the Key

A comfortable luxury home is definitely a dream for everyone. And the right furniture, of course, will give an increasingly comfortable impression to its inhabitants. Create a more elegant space by playing with the selection of classical chairs and dining tables, coupled it with attractive lighting.

If you need a trusted assistance, design your dream  one-story luxury home. With our tailor-made fee based on your budget, we are ready to help you.