Rumah Klasik - Characteristics of European Luxury Homes

Consists of Two Floors

The most visible characteristic of European-style house is usually consists of two floors. These two floors are to create a majestic and larger feel. To add better gradeur feeling, decorate your house’s interior with objects that are also large, such as crystal chandeliers, large paintings, and sculptures.

Chimney on the Roof

The existence of this chimney because Europe has 4 seasons. It’s going to be very cold in the winter, as the temperature may reach below 0 degrees Celsius. So to warm themselves, people burn wood in the fireplace and family member will gather around the fireplace to warm themselves up. Smokes that’s produced will be released through the chimney. This is to release hot toxic exhaust gases or smoke produced by the burned wood.

Although most of European-style houses have chimneys, there are also many potential issues which need to be addressed such as creosote, blockage, cracks in the flue, brickwork problems, and many other.

Having Pillars or Towers

Because of its large size, you will often see pillars or towers on the inside or outside the European  style houses. On the inside, the pillar is used to divide each room. As for the outside, there are usually two pieces located on the left and right that will greet you on the main entrance. Generally the shape of the pillars are hexagonal or cylinder, depending on the design of the home.

Has a High and Sloping Roof

High and sloping roofs is to balance out the structure of the house. Unlike flat-roofed house, sloped-roof is easier to clean from dirt that clings such as fallen leaf. However, for some European countries such as France, the roof is not slanted and tall, but in a form of dome with simple lines. In Spain, the house uses a roof that tends to be flat and coated with tile.

Windows are Large

Most windows in a European style house has a large size with rectangular shape that might rise from lower floors until the upper floors. Its window glasses usually combined with a trellis and decorated with a think dangling curtains.