Rumah Klasik - Simple Luxury Home Design for Your Family

Your home is where you set out from each day to head out into the world, and it is where you return to, to rest and restore. But how do you design a simple yet luxurious family home? Well, to realize that dream, here are a few things you can do to make luxurious home seem simple and modern.

Maximize Storage Space

We need to maximize the use of space in each room, especially in the kitchen. Wall rack can be utilized to place kitchen utensils openly without using too much space. Open wall space is also the most obvious storage spot, you can add pegboards, shelves, or even foldable table.

Opt for Neutral Color

Your next step to create a simple luxury home design is by choosing a neutral color palette for the interior. For example, you can use neutral color hue in the living room with. But you don't have to choose to use conventional models of tables, sofas, or chairs, you can also place modern chairs with a bold palette.

Use Open Space Concept

In addition to choosing a neutral color, you can also apply the concept of open space to create a simple luxury home design. Like between the dining room and family room which is only limited by a small table. If you apply a concept like this, of course the room will look more spacious and spacious.

Use Curtain Screen

Not only the screen will make your window looks beautiful, it also works as a divider between the rooms. Curtains are usually used in simple houses or small-sized apartments in order to add a luxurious impression. Make sure that you choose curtain colors that’s suitable to your home furnishings and the color of the walls.

Soft Color For Bedroom

One of these best ways to achieve soothing vibes and calm ambiance in your bedroom is through the use of color. Pick a cool or soft hues such as white, beige, pastel to promote relaxation. No need to put a lot of ornaments, keep the interior simple with the right proportion to achieve a cozy mood.

Use Ceramic Walls and Floors

Using ceramic on wall and floor will certainly make the interior of your home look luxurious. The selection of motifs and themes of good ceramics actually able to produce a comfortable interior. And nowadays, attractive range of decorative profiles exist to help add a more distinctive and bespoke hallmark. You can enhance the sense of luxury by adding a golden chandelier on the room.

Role of Mirror

Nothing pulls together a room like a full-length mirror. It will illuminate your home and make a space look bigger. You can put on the side of the room, or to separate one room from another.

If you need a trusted assistance, design your dream luxury home. With our tailor-made fee based on your budget, we are ready to help you.