Rumah Klasik - Luxury Fence Ideas for Classic Style Homes

Your fence is the first object seen from a house. It serves to welcome guests or people during their visit your home. The fence also enhances privacy, establishing property boundaries, and protecting children and pets. However, in addition to providing security, they become part of what gives your home identity and beauty. Investing a little thought into the best fence design thus is necessary.

There are many ways to dress up and harmonize your fence to your home, some of it you can also design it by yourself. And to the create a harmonious classical style fence, these are things you should pay attention at:

Jika Anda termasuk yang menginginkan desain pagar rumah mewah, berikut adalah beberapa tips cara membuat pagar rumah mewah antara lain:

  1. Determine the Height of the Fence

First of all, we need to measure the desired height of the fence. The general size of fence is 300 cm to 500 cm wide and about 150 cm high to 250 cm high. Make the fence visible and adjustable to your house. If it consists two floors, then the fence must be tall and large. Do not make a fence that is too low, to avoid unwanted visitors.


  1. Pay Attention to its Material

Wood, iron, marble, concrete are the most common fencing material for luxury design. Material selection is also adjustable regarded to conditions of the house. If the environment is deemed to have less security, then you can opt for steel or concrete materials. Or to match your home exterior, you can complement materials. For example, stone exterior matches with natural stone fence, or luxury metal carvings. Traditionally, wood has been the most common fencing material, but you can also choose other strong materials such as iron or steel.

  1. Colors is Key

Color selection is the key of luxurious impressions, and cool soothing colors such as cream are famous for enriching the extravagant feel. You can also use gray or black to balance a brightly colored house.

  1. Pay Attention to its Design

Never take extreme risks in making fences, pay attention to flow of architectural styles to help you choose a successful design. It's best to not use a lot of ornaments on the fence, and avoid overly glamorous design. Do not mistake luxury to complicated or overly curved fence. You can still make your minimalist house look luxurious by keeping the straight fence.