Rumah Klasik - Luxury Home Interior Design

Making a house that looks beautiful and also comfortable to dwell doesn’t stop on the exterior of the house. Interior design also holds an important role to create a meaningful home, as it injects a soul to a building or space, which makes it more pleasant and livable.

And now, the interior design of luxury homes managed to grab attentions of many people— if not a favorite. The design of luxury homes will also certainly be synonymous with large and expensive houses and properties, but what matters is to beautifully transform spaces into an exciting place which soothes your soul using luxury design. If you are opting for it, here are some recommendations for modern luxury home interiors to adapt to your home.

Blend Neutral and Bold Colors

For those of you who wants to create a luxurious home interior design, then you can use a combination of neutral and bold colors. For example, on the living room, you can use neutral colors. Neutral colors on the curtains that reach the ceiling of the house will give the impression of luxury and elegance. You can add bold touch on it through some room accessories such vases, or small statues.

Create Open Space Concept

Because you wants to embed the interior of a luxury home, then you need to apply the concept of an open space, as it will give the impression of grandeur in your home. You also can use a small table or small cupboard to divide rooms, such as between the dining room and living room.

Use Ceramic Walls and Floors

Immerse yourselves in glamour and sensuality by using ceramic walls and flooring. As its material may resemblance prestige through marble patterns. Add more luxurious atmosphere by using gold pendant lamp on each room.

European Luxury Home Design References

It is important to take as much reference as possible and apply it to your home interior design ideas. Be it a combination of modern residence and traditional nuances , or using a classic look with a modern feel using wood and ceramics, carrying out another European home design styles may help you design your dream home.

Aware of Spaces

A luxury home does not always have a very large and large size. You can also make a luxury home that is not large in size. You can use shades of gray and white to give the impression of a more spacious home.

Applying luxury home design means you ought to pay several detailed attention on the property you use, as it should also be suitable for your overall residence. You can choose properties for the interior of your home according to the size of your home.