Rumah Klasik - Never Buy Your Furniture Carelessly

Minimalist living concepts that liberate room from unnecessary furniture is currently booming in Japan. As for Indonesians, in choosing interior, we mostly believe in function, but beauty and harmony is also still important.

Nowadays, there are many people who carelessly buy furniture. They ignore its function, and buy furniture just because it’s cute, branded, or even discounted.

If you are among those who often buy furniture for reasons above, that habit needs to be discarded. Habit of buying furniture carelessly will get you a lot of loss and ends up making burden for yourself. The following are some disadvantages when choosing furniture carelessly:

Over Budget

Don’t carelessly tempted by a discounted product and impulsively buying it afterwards. Even though it was cheaper than other furniture, you need to pay attention to the quality of the product. It could be the quality is not as good as the others. It could also be, the furniture is an old collection that does not sold.

Choosing furniture carelessly may consume your budget in the end. Impulsively buying furniture are very vulnerable, it makes you pay less attention to the quality of the product. It's better for you to choose furniture that is rather expensive with guaranteed quality, than to buy furniture at a low price with a lower quality.

Buying cheap furniture with the intention to save money could actually ends up creates over-budget because usually the furniture turns out easily broke because of its low quality, then you need to buy a new furniture. 

Cramp Out the House

Large amount of furniture could be the cause of a messy house.  You should understand that beside its function, the furniture that you place should form a harmony and adorn the room. Thus,  if you choose furniture carelessly, the arrangement of your room will not be harmonious and looks messy.

Choosing furniture without matching it with other furniture will make the room looks too chaotic and without concept.

Discomfort in Your Own Home

There are two reasons why buying furniture carelessly will make you feel uncomfortable:

First, choosing furniture carelessly means that you don’t pay attention to the quality of the product you are buying. Because, the durability of the product is usually bad, and it turns out to be easily damaged. It is also possible that the furniture you chose is uncomfortable when used.

Second, besides the inconvenience that comes from the furniture itself, you can feel uncomfortable from the atmosphere of the room. You will hesitate to stay in the room because it seems crowded or doesn’t suit your personality.

If you already choose the wrong furniture, you can start improving your habits to be more careful next time. You can also start to check which furniture is damaged or unsuitable, so you can replace it with new, higher quality one.

So the point of this article is, in buying anything you have to be careful. Pay attention to the budget, quality, function, and beauty of the furniture so that you don't regret it later on.


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