Rumah Klasik - 10 Must Haves Accessories at Your Home

If you decide to adorn or design your own living room, you must include these 10 items. Whatever interior design and style you choose, you must have the following items:


Living, green, and natural plants must be present in every family room in the house as it will complement home decoration. So do not hesitate to add it in your room, because whatever the decoration,  adding plants will make your houselook more beautiful.

Comfortable carpet

Add a carpet or rug with a soft texture, which feels comfortable under your feet. The carpet will make the living room filled with cozy feel and also make your guests feel comfortable.

Personal items

Make the living room feel more pleasant by adding your personal items such as family photos, as it will make  your room feel warmer and friendlier.

Coffee table

Don't ignore the coffee table in a room. Even if the coffee table only benefit as a secondary element, but it creates a solid and complete effect.

Thick Curtains / Curtains

Thick curtains or curtains placed in the living room will complete the beauty of your room. Choose curtains with eye-catching patterns and colors for your living room. Plain colors and designs will instead appear as background.


Candles aren't just for romantic dinners. You can put candles to make your living room feel more cozy and intimate. Place the candle on a shelf, coffee table, or on the side table.

Tray / Tray

Tray will be a beneficial element in your living room. Store it on the coffee table and put small items on it, to locate it easily, such as your TV remote and favorite magazines.


Not everyone agrees that TV is an important element in a room, especially for those who don't really like watching TV. But putting it in a living room can be useful for your guests.

Comfortable Pillow

Always provide a comfortable pillow in your living room. Comfortable sofas and pillows to make your guests feel at home in the room.

Blankets for the Sofa

Sofa covers will be very useful especially when the weather is cold, the whole family can warm themselves while watching TV. You can also place a sofa blanket in the living room.