Rumah Klasik - Classic Luxury Home Design Models

Upon its development overtime, luxury homes style may still remain a dream house for some people. Some are using it as their residential identity, a residence that resemblance grace and opulence.

Classic House Design

Classical style homes are inspired by the architecture found in ancient Greece and Rome featuring columns, ornate molding, pediments; and also highly emphasizes on intricate details on the facades, windows, roofs, and also the doors. Its timelessness have been recognized and stayed around for generations because it give the impression of luxury and elegance. Yet these designs also allow for a modern touch and contemporary flair so they do not look or feel dated.

To recognize classic home design, you can identify these several characteristics:

Exterior Design

From the outside, classic houses will be quite distinct from other houses in general. Because it usually has a large size; spacious yard with quaint houses, wide terrace to greet you, and of course its big windows that will step up your curb appeal

Interior design

To create a luxury feel in your home, it is important to have a high ceiling to inject a spacious feel in your house. You can also incorporate other elements of design and pull them within items, such as accent pieces and accessories.

Division of Space

In classic home design, you need to make sure that each room is going be spacious. Not only main rooms such bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms. All of the attention needs also to be drawn to small rooms such as the entrance and bathrooms to create a spacious feel.

Building Material

Building the classic luxury impression of a house also starts from materials that’s being used. Generally in classic luxury homes the materials are derived from nature, such as wood, stone, and also marble. Installing them increase the value of the property and also enhance the beauty of it.


Palette of soothing neutrals such as beige. white, or brown paired with abundant texture exude timeless elegance for a classic luxury home design. As these colors could stand out of its own without any help from other colors, but you can also add bold colors to enrich the impression of luxury.