Rumah Klasik - Workspace Furniture to Increase Productivity

In this digital era, working from home is becoming a common thing, especially for freelancers. Of course to be able to work comfortably at home, some adjustment needs to be done. At the very least, we need to separate room function into two, leisure space and workspace. Therefore, you need to provide a special room or corner for your workspace. Hence, you need to choose the right furniture to create the ideal home office workspace. The wrong choice of furniture can make your workspace too comfortable, it makes you lazy, and vice versa. 

To understand more, these are workspace furniture that can increase your productivity:


Creating a workplace in your home, does not mean your productive area should have a rigid feel. However, don’t design a workplace that seems too relaxed so it reduces your productivity. This also applies in the selection of chairs that you choose.

No need to buy office chair just to be able to work in the concept of a home office workspace. One of the chair models you can choose is an armchair. This chair model that has arm supports on both sides, which still be able to give the impression of being relaxed.

Wooden Table

Build a workspace that could attract you to always return to the area without a sense of compulsion. One of the way is to provide a warm impression on the workspace which make you feel comfortable. You can add warmth through the desk that will be the main area of your workspace.

You can find a desk made of wood. The brown color of the wood will give a sense of warmth and induce creativity. In terms of choosing the right material of wooden desk and chair, we recommend teak wood.

Unique Cabinet

Even though you're at home, deadlock while working can still lurk at any time. One way to minimize these deadlocks is to put unique items so they can trigger your creativity. But preferably, don’t apply the unique furniture on the table and chairs, or at the center of your workspace.

The best option for delivering a unique impression is by applying it on the cabinet or cupboard. You need a cabinet in your workspace to put a variety of work equipment to your portfolio. There are two ways to find a unique cabinet:

- Look for a cabinet with a unique shape, which resembles a telephone box or a pile of cute suitcases that can motivate you to work so you can immediately spend time for vacation.

- Look for an ordinary form of cabinet, but has unique pattern. For example, a cabinet with colorful abstract motifs that can sharpen your brain to think and be creative.

Side Table

Side table can be a solution to put goods outside of work necessities. This table main function is for you to rest from work without needed to leave the workspace. And also, to prevent you from putting too many items that are not related to work.

Look for small side table that don't take up spaces. A small side table should take the job without making your workspace too crowded. 

You are free to choose the shape or model that suits you. As for color, adjust it to other furniture in the workspace.